With his great experience of working for the highest quality jewelry houses in Paris, MThouvenot supervises personally each design, and pieces produced in his workshop.

We strive to deliver unparalleled design and quality for our customers appreciation.

Each item is developed and hand made realised to be a Masterpiece. We work with color diamonds, exceptional white diamonds, but also on precious and semi precious stones, such as sapphires, as well as rubellites, opals, tanzanites, pearls or any other stunning color stones.

The major concept of MThouvenot is to offer exquisite craftsmanship details, seen on the major high-end jewelry pieces around the world. MThouvenot focuses on the finishes of every small part of our product, even the ones that can hardly be seen. Eeach piece has to be perfect, even under a magnifier 10x.

He emphasise on the pre polishing before assembling, handmade carving behind each stone named « a jour », invisible linkages and personalised details requested by each customer.

I want to keep the manufacturing quality standards as high as possible, and each piece is developed to the image of the person who will wear it. It’s not so much the value of the stone, but mostly the Message they are sending.

Each product is delivered under an in-house product reference number with its own Certificate of Authenticity.